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Tempo by NeoGrass

Tempo by NeoGrass

£26.99 per sqm

Specially designed for balconies, roof gardens, patios and terraces, Tempo has a pile height of 22mm, 13,800 decitex fibres and 48,000 stitches. And what does that mean? Well it’s a very dense, comfortable and soft artificial grass.

Its aesthetic four-colour design offers an unbeatable natural appearance to a terrace or balcony’s most common viewing angles, which are generally different to those of a lawn.

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The Perfect Solution for Balconies, Roof Gardens and Terraces

The combination of a 22mm pile along with an extremely high density of fibres ensures the Tempo recovers quickly from foot traffic whilst maintaining its impeccable look.

The dense structure of Tempo has been designed specifically for balconies, roof gardens and terraces – applications which demand a dense pile to achieve a natural look.

This also makes this turf perfect for frequently used and constantly foot trafficked spaces.

Tempo guarantees the best performance on balconies, roof gardens, patios and terraces.

If you would like your balcony to start looking like a lawn, there is no better artificial grass than Tempo by NeoGrass.

Industry Leading Specification

Pile Height
Stitches (per m2)
Total Weight (per m2)
Curly diamond shaped Polyethylene fibres to support the grass and add resilience.

Tempo’s aesthetic four-colour design offers an unbeatable natural appearance to a balcony's most common viewing angles, which are generally different to those of a lawn.

Extremely High Fibre Density

Tempo’s high fibre density can be appreciated best when viewed from the backing. Over 48,000 are packed into each square metre by stitching each row of fibres tightly together, providing a dense look with excellent recovery properties.


When searching for the best quality artificial grass, its vitally important to look at more than just aesthetic appeal and pile height.

Fibre structure and thickness play a key role in performance and longevity.


Tempo Under The Microscope


Ultra Strong Backing

A good way to check the quality of artificial grass is to look at the backing, as that's where everything is held together.

A common problem with inferior artificial grass is that the primary and secondary backings break apart due to low quantities of latex.

Tempo is weaved on a reinforced Polypropylene 163gr/m2 backing to form the primary layer and our manufacturing process ends by adding 968 gr/m2 of heavy duty latex which gives an anchoring resistance greater than 30N to each fibre.

The high percentage of latex present in the backing of the Tempo results in a high strength artificial grass that also has the flexibility to prevent cracking or breaking.

A Safe Environment For All The Family


Tempo has been independently tested and certified against harmful substances by Oeko-Tex, the leading authority for independent safety testing in the textile industry.

Choosing NeoGrass gives you complete peace of mind that your artificial lawn is free from lead and other hidden harmful toxins that could affect the health of your family and pets.


All of our products have passed rigorous independent fire-retardant tests to ensure their safety and resistance against fire.

Tempo has been classed as Efl-s1 in fire-retardant tests for fire resistant flooring according to UNE EN 13501-12007.

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Year Warranty

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