8 Reasons to Buy an Artificial Green Wall

8 Reasons to Buy an Artificial Green Wall


Are you looking to give your home or garden that sense of nature? Looking to make your commercial property stand out from the crowd? Whatever the premises, installing a green wall is a fantastic way of transforming any space, making it feel more natural and inviting.

While the use of green walls in a property has been utilised in homes, restaurants and businesses for a while, in recent years, it has become one of the most popular interior design trends. Increasingly, interior designers are opting for artificial green wall solutions over their living counterparts, thanks to the many benefits and wide range of choices available.


What is an artificial green wall?


artificial yellow meadow green living wall

An artificial green wall looks and feels just like the real thing, but instead of utilising natural plants, they feature high-quality and ultra-realistic synthetic plants. Unlike facades, such as ivy, which commonly grow up existing structures and outside walls, artificial green walls are a pre-made structure which affixes to your existing walls and can be used internally or externally.

They are a great solution for those people looking to create a feature wall in their home or give visitors to their business a warm and attractive welcome. The use of artificial green walls is on the rise as interior designers favour the many benefits that they offer compared to real plants.

Artificial green walls help to bring a sense of the outdoors to any space and can create an immediate impact. Each section can be joined to another, ensuring that artificial green walls can come in any shape or size, while there is also a huge array of possible colours and plant styles to choose from, allowing property owners to get creative with their solutions.


What are the benefits of using an artificial green wall?

Using an artificial green wall in either a residential or commercial setting is one of the hottest design trends of the moment. Not only are they incredibly eye-catching and fantastic looking, but they also provide a number of significant benefits compared to their natural counterparts, such as:


1.     Incredibly versatile

artificial ivy green living wall detail 4


One of the most significant advantages of using artificial green walls is that they are incredibly versatile. They are able to be used in almost any room of your property and are a popular choice for residential and commercial properties alike.

Installing an artificial green wall gives users the option of choosing a wide range of styles and colours, ensuring they can always find a solution perfect for their needs. Many people mistakenly believe that they are only for use outside, but artificial green walls make for a fantastic inclusion to any home.

Equally, artificial green walls are not just a visually attractive addition to your property. They can also be a useful privacy screen to help shield your garden or office space from prying eyes.


2.     Highly durable

Thanks to the high-quality materials used in their construction, artificial green walls are highly durable and capable of looking their very best for many years to come. The incredibly realistic plants are typically UV-resistant, ensuring they will not fade when exposed to sunlight.

Equally, they will not wilt or be damaged by extreme weather, ensuring that no matter whether it is heavy rain, strong winds or snow, your green wall will always be looking as fantastic as possible.


3.     Creates a cosy atmosphere

Artificial green walls are very popular thanks to the warm and cosy welcoming that they provide visitors. They are incredibly realistic and pleasing to the eye, providing an immediate sense of tranquillity and serenity.

Not only do they look great, but their construction helps to add an additional layer of insulation to your walls, ensuring that it is able to keep your room at a comfortable temperature through the winter or summer.

Not only that, but artificial green walls also act as a great absorber of noise, helping to reduce the impact of traffic or ensuring guests will not be disturbed when visiting your premises.


4.     Maintenance Free

artificial yellow meadow green living wall detail

Another very popular benefit of artificial green walls is that they are incredibly low maintenance. Unlike real plants, which require regular watering, pruning and care, artificial plants simply need a quick dust every now and then to ensure that they continue looking their very best.

This means that property owners do need to worry about ensuring the plant is receiving enough sunlight, allowing them to be placed wherever they like. There will also be no mess involved from dead leaves or loose soil falling to the ground.


5.     Boost your mood

Real plants are renowned for their calming and mood-enhancing properties, and while an artificial green wall might not cleanse the air like living plants, research has shown that they are able to provide the same relaxing properties.


6.     Healthier

Alongside helping to boost your mood, an artificial green wall is also a healthy addition to add to a property. There are no toxins involved in their construction, and as they are not real plants, it means people with allergies such as hayfever will not experience any reactions to their addition to your property.

Artificial plants will also ensure that you do not face the risk of an infestation from pests, which can destroy living plants, while you will also face fewer insects buzzing around in the summer.


7.     Low costs

artificial ivy green living wall detail 1

With very little in the way of maintenance, artificial green walls make for a very low cost addition to any room. Without the need for typical care, you can reduce the costs of regular gardeners, keeping them in shape while they are also very long-lasting, ensuring you do not need to replace them for many years.


8.     They look real!

Many people are put off from using artificial plants as they believe them to look fake and plastic. While that might have been the case with the early solutions, nowadays, these plants are incredibly realistic and many people are unable to tell the difference until close examination.

Utilising an artificial green wall ensures that you are not only able to enjoy a lush, realistic plant wall, but one that looks its very best all-year-round. With artificial plants, you will not need to worry about them dying without proper care or face lengthy waits while they bloom, as they will already come looking their absolute best.


Looking for the highest quality artificial green wall?

Are you looking for the very best artificial green wall for your property? No matter whether you are looking to give your home or garden a fresh new look, or you are looking to make your business stand out from the crowd, NeoGrass is here to help you.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of artificial grass and plants, and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most realistic beautiful solutions. Our advanced products are capable of withstanding years of exposure to the elements without losing their attractiveness through our tough UV protection. Contact us today for further information.



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