8 Reasons to Consider Buying Artificial Plants for Your Home & Garden

8 Reasons to Consider Buying Artificial Plants for Your Home & Garden


In recent times there has been a growing trend towards consumers using artificial plants in their homes and gardens.

Everything from green walls to topiary, shrubs to trees, cacti to orchids is now available to buy in artificial form, allowing you to create stunning displays, gardens and interiors.

But what are the reasons for opting for artificial over natural? Surely you can’t beat the real thing? Well, in certain circumstances that’s probably true, but there are plenty of reasons to consider buying artificial plants.

Today we look at 8 reasons why you should consider buying artificial plants and topiary for your home and garden.



1. Artificial Plants Require Zero Maintenance


Probably the biggest and most obvious benefit is that artificial plants, topiary and shrubs require absolutely no maintenance at all. This makes them especially appealing to those with busy lifestyles and/or a lack of enthusiasm for gardening.

Many artificial plants are supplied in plastic containers and the only effort required is repotting them into something a little more attractive – apart from that, artificial plants require zero effort.

No pruning, no feeding and no watering.

Artificial plants can give your garden or home an aesthetic boost with minimum fuss.



2. Artificial Plants Require Zero Gardening Know-How

artificial topiary

Keeping alive certain types of plant can take expert knowledge and skills, and specialist tools.

The skills and knowledge required to tend to a wide range of plants can take years to learn and develop.

Some plants require many hours of soil preparation, pruning and watering to keep them looking at their best. This can mean a huge time investment in maintenance with no guarantee that the plants will even survive.

The cost of purchasing the required tools and equipment can also really start to add up. And then, of course, you’ll need to find somewhere to store all of that equipment, too.

If you want instant results without having to take the time to acquire specialist gardening skills, then opting for fake plants is the quickest way to achieve stunning plants and topiary in your home and garden.



3. Artificial Plants Don’t Need Ideal Growing Conditions to Survive


Whilst this may seem obvious, another major reason to consider fake over real is that artificial plants don’t need ideal growing conditions in order to survive. And they are completely resistant to pests and disease.

Many plants and shrubs require soil that is exactly the right pH level and that retains just about the right amount of moisture, in a spot without too much wind and with just the right amount of sunlight.

This can mean that some of your favourite plants just won’t grow in your garden and you may find that you are severely limited in options when it comes to choosing your plants.

Of course, artificial plants will look just the same regardless of how much sunlight or rainfall they receive and can be used in whatever environment you see fit.



4. Artificial Plants Look Perfect all Year Round


Okay, so let’s say you do have the time, the expertise, perfect conditions and the right tools for the job … does that mean that your plants are guaranteed to thrive? Well, sadly, the answer is not necessarily.

You may do absolutely everything right and your plants might have the perfect growing conditions in which to thrive, but then winter comes along and you find your plants are killed by a heavy frost or a fall of snow. Alternatively, they might be eaten alive by pests or disease.

However, by choosing artificial plants, you’ll find that they are completely resistant to weather conditions, regardless of whether there’s a heatwave or a snowstorm, and impervious to other threats.

You may also notice that some of the plants and shrubs in your garden only flower for a small period of time and look pretty dull for the rest of the year.

However, when you opt for artificial, you’ll get a plant that is in full bloom regardless of the season.



5. Artificial Plants Look Just Like the Real Thing

artificial plants

Some people are put off buying artificial plants, topiary and trees as they believe that they won’t look like the real thing. However, manufacturing techniques are continuously improving and these days, it can be extremely difficult to tell real apart from fake.

Virtually every plant you can think of has an artificial alternative.

Everything, from green walls to topiary, shrubs to trees, cacti to orchids is now available to buy in artificial form so you can create stunning displays, gardens and interiors.

Your friends and family will all be fooled that your blossoming plants and shrubs are real when they are, in fact, artificial.



6. Artificial Plants can Save You Money


Perhaps surprisingly, artificial plants are often cheaper than their real counterparts.

That’s down to a number of reasons. Firstly, to grow and train certain types of topiary takes lots of time and effort, whereas producing artificial topiary on a large scale means that they can be quickly assembled, saving many hours of labour costs.

Of course, there is also the risk that purchasing real plants, topiary and shrubs could be a waste of money if they die in the months following planting.

The zero-maintenance required for artificial plants also means that you’ll save money on expensive gardening equipment.

You won’t need to buy any specialist tools, treatments to stop pests or disease, or weedkiller – or need additional storage space to keep all this stuff, either.

Artificial plants are an excellent long-term investment as the best quality artificial plants will last a lifetime.



7. Artificial Plants are Ideal for Indoors

artificial orchid

Of course, virtually all types of plants need lots of sunlight in order to flourish and this means that a large number of plants just won’t survive an indoor environment. And even some indoor plants, such as orchids, can be difficult to keep alive.

Using fake plants in the home means that you’re not just restricted to having your favourite plants outdoors, but you can benefit from having an artificial version of any type of plant inside your home.

Choosing an artificial plant will mean that you enjoy your favourite plants in any room of your home, no matter the time of the year.



8. Artificial Plants are Perfect for Pets


There are a surprising number of plants and shrubs that are, in fact, poisonous to pets if consumed.

And if your dog or cat likes to chew then this can present a big problem and limit the type and variety of plant you can have in your home and garden.

Artificial plants on the other hand are difficult to chew and also non-toxic and will therefore not cause any harm to your pets.

Of course, even if your chosen plants aren’t necessarily poisonous, they won’t stand up too well to being chewed and this can severely hinder the aesthetics of your plants or possibly even kill them outright.





Artificial plants offer many of the same benefits of artificial grass and the two go hand-in-hand. They’re perfect for those of us with little time or enthusiasm for gardening.

Artificial plants provide the perfect alternative for those that still want the aesthetic benefits of lush plants and shrubs, but without the effort and the need for gardening know-how.

And with such a huge range of artificial plants, topiary, and shrubs available online there is sure to be something to suit every taste and environment.

Are there any other benefits of artificial plants that we haven’t included on our list? If so, let us know in the comments section below and join in the discussion.


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