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Artificial Grass Installers in Staffordshire

Artificial Grass Installers in Staffordshire

If you live in Staffordshire you may find it difficult to keep your grass in good condition all year round; as with other parts of the country, the UK’s unpredictable climate can wreak havoc on real grass in the county through heavy rain, dry spells and frost.


Winning the Climate Battle with Artificial Grass

A variable climate makes choosing artificial grass a sound decision; you can enjoy a perfectly green surface all year round, and there’s pretty much no limits to its use as there can be when real grass gets too wet or parched.

Artificial grass technology has moved on in leaps and bounds in recent years and, as a result, more people are turning to fake grass installers in Staffordshire whether to improve sports facilities with artificial surfaces that can be used year round, or for residential lawns and other grassy areas that can be enjoyed with minimal maintenance.


Artificial Grass in Staffordshire

Deciding to replace a lawn or other area with artificial grass is made a whole lot easier with the presence of expert artificial grass installers in Staffordshire working with us at NeoGrass – a leading UK supplier of top-quality artificial grass.

One call to a NeoGrass artificial grass installer Staffordshire brings highly trained professionals to your home or business place to install whatever grass style and type you’ve chosen – various finishes are available ranging from the closely mown ‘bowling green’ look to something a little coarser.

Wherever you are in the county, a search for a NeoGrass artificial grass installer Staffordshire will soon result in your having a pristine new lawn or grassed area that will last years.



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10-year Warranty: Our Reassurance of Fake Grass Quality

How can we be so confident in saying this? We’ve worked at the forefront of fake grass technology to create the very best in artificial surfaces, and back our claims with a full 10-year warranty – so we’re a popular ‘fake grass Staffordshire’ search.

We want you to be reassured you’re choosing experienced professionals when you use NeoGrass fake grass installers in Staffordshire to fit your new surface – our long warranty and enviable reputation amongst our many satisfied customers is solid evidence of our claims.

Say goodbye to mud & mess... and hello to a lush green lawn

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

If you’re considering artificial grass, then there’s a strong case for choosing NeoGrass artificial grass Staffordshire:


Minimal Maintenance

Aside from maybe removing loose debris and leaves, there’s little else to worry about in terms of maintenance giving you more time to simply enjoy your fake grass.


Saves Money

While there’s an initial investment when installing artificial grass, in the long term you’ll save money: there’s no mowing so you’ll save on fuel and other mower running costs; there’s savings on water bills as no watering is required, and there’s no more expensive grass feeds or fertilisers to buy.



Artificial grass helps protect the environment. There’s no wasting of natural resources such as fossil fuels to power mowers, no watering when there may be a shortage during dry spells, and no chemicals possibly entering the drainage system when fertilisers and weed killers are washed off real grass during rainfalls or watering.


Extra Use

Your fake grass can be used more often than real grass during various weather conditions:

Artificial grass can stand up to heavy and even boisterous footfall whether the sun is shining or there’s a cloudburst.

artificial grass installers in staffordshire



Fake grass can exist where the real thing can’t; perhaps there’s an area in your garden that never gets the sun or for some reason a patch where real grass can’t thrive?

If so, NeoGrass artificial grass installers Staffordshire can come to the rescue and lay a surface that doesn’t depend on sunshine or exposure to light as real grass does.

What about for areas where real grass is simply a non-starter such as a tiny strip of land? Or an area where access with a lawn mower is too awkward such as a small garden behind a terraced house?

Again, your expert NeoGrass fake grass installer Staffordshire can fit some of our grass into just about any area to give you that oasis of green that might otherwise be simply impossible to achieve in certain tricky circumstances.


Fine for Pets and Children

Not only is our artificial grass fine for pets and children to use, there are benefits to calling in NeoGrass’s expert artificial grass installers in Staffordshire to lay a surface for you:

Dogs and children can inadvertently damage real grass even if weather conditions are ideal; our fake grass Staffordshire can stand up to boisterous use and there’s no mud being trailed indoors.


Your Easy Choice

Choosing NeoGrass and our dedicated artificial grass installers in Staffordshire is a sound choice with our experience and long warranty back up, and you can select your grass with confidence by asking us for free samples of the grass types you’re interested in.


Make patchy grass a thing of the past with a lush green artificial lawn

astroturf in staffordshire

Staffordshire’s Contrasts

Staffordshire is a county steeped in history, sporting prowess, industry and natural beauty:

The county boasts one of the oldest football clubs, Stoke City – known particularly for legend Stanley Matthews who played for the team in two spells until the age of 50.

The area is known for its pottery manufacturing – hence the region’s nickname of ‘the potteries’ – and features two of the country’s most beautiful and visited natural attractions; the Peak District in the north and Cannock Chase in the south.

Various household name businesses established themselves in Staffordshire including the Britannia Building Society, world famous earth moving equipment manufacturer JCB, and – founded in this millennium – the hugely successful online betting company Bet 365.

Geographical contrasts abound: Staffordshire borders quite different UK regions so it’s a short journey to sample everything from more rural environs, famous beauty spots and the bustle of big cities.


So whether you’re in Lichfield, Tamworth, Stoke-on-Trent, Uttoxeter, Leek or elsewhere in the county, if you need fake grass installers Staffordshire, call now.

Here's what our Staffordshire Customers have to say...

  • Just a quick note to say what a fantastic job the installation team made of our front garden lawn, from giving us the quote to the installation, nothing was too much trouble, excellent quality and professional job from a great team of guys. Mrs Davies, Staffordshire
  • We’ve just had the NeoGrass Aberdeen fitted and it has completely have transformed our garden from a dull tired space into a fresh beautiful area. They worked tirelessly to remove the old lawn, preparing a strong sub base before laying and cutting sweeping curves of new grass. We are very happy with it and have been very impressed with the excellent customer service we have have received from both the installer and the lady on the phone at NeoGrass. Mr L.Parker, Stoke-on-Trent

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